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Howdy from Texas

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Howdy from Texas

I'm pretty new at this, and very much enjoying the site. Hoping to finesse what I'm doing -- my bread so far tastes great, and looks, um, not so great. *grin*

Wishing everyone happy baking!

sonofYah's picture

Welcome Janissa from Gordon in SW Indiana.

What part of Texas are you from? I had some family settled in the Chillicothe area in the 1800's. They are now in the Houston area I believe.


Janissa11's picture

Hey Gordon -- nice to meet you! I'm in Lubbock, wayy up north in the Panhandle. :-)

SourdoLady's picture

Hi Janissa, and welcome! Keep on baking that bread and each loaf will look a little better. Get a good book on bread baking (Bread Baker's Apprentince is a great one) to help you learn some techniques. If you don't want to invest $ in a book, try your local library. I have learned tons from books.