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Food scale

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Food scale

What is the best food scale out there? I am looking to purchase one. Any suggestions?

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Scale - probably depends a little on where you are located as to what's available. Are you in the US? I have a Salton digital scale with a tare function that is sold in most kitchen and housewares stores for around $30-$50 depending on material it is made from - ther are many different models of similar scales by Salton. I also noticed a fairly inexpensive one in Target made by ChefMate - but cannot attest to accuracy. I like mine as it is flat and low profile so I can easily place even very large mixing bowls on it, tare it, and weigh in each ingredient, and it is stainless steel so any spills clean very easily. I used to use a mechanical scale with a fitted bowl, but it was difficult to tare the container mechanically by twisting the platform for adjustment. 


Just my 2 cents...there are probably people out there who use those nice big stainless mechanical scales that are very accurate and love them as they do not rely on batteries or power, who can comment also.

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Graham Rowlands

Cooks Illustrated (a great magazine if you don't already subscribe) reviews kitchen equipment perpetually. They have always sided with the Soehnle Futura ($80), which has recently been replaced by a $90 model (the 65055). The new model has a capacity of 5 kg, is accurate to 1g, and is quite a pretty scale (if you care about such things.) 

I don't own one because I'm a poor student, but I generally trust the opinion of this magazine.

Hope this helps,Graham
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The Cooking for Engineers dude did a review of a few different scales. Based on his findings I purchased a MyWeight i5000 and have been quite happy with it.


Based on my research in the home and industiral market, it seems to me that the state of the technology is such that there are now two general ranges. Any of the home scales in the US$40-80 range from reputable suppliers will give accuracy to at least 1g (possibly 0.5g) and in accuracy are basically the equivalent of laboratory scales of 10 years ago. They do not have the toughness, water resistance, cleanability, precise repeatability, or data outputs of true lab scales, but I am pretty sure the basic measuring technology is exactly the same. So the choice comes down to, what features do you want? Tare, multiple units, and capacity seem to be the key points.


The next range up is the food-grade lab scales. These are typically in the US$300-500 range, although there are some as low as $125. They are all-stainless, have overhanging weighing platforms that don't get as messy and are easier to clean, accuracy from 0.5g down to 0.01g, a wider range of capacities, data outputs, dual battery-outlet power, etc. Rose Levy Beranbaum has one of these, but unless you are as fanatical as she is or like measuring tools as much as I do you probably don't need one.


A 100g/0.01g lab scale would be nice for measuring yeast and salt though ;-)



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I bought the  My Weigh KD-7000 15lb Digital Kitchen Scale, was that a mistake? I saw your post after I purchased it. I hope it is a decent one, I read reviews and it sounded like most people love it.  I hope it is ok for bread baking!


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Just from the specs that looks very nice. Happy weighing!



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Thanks, I looked on Rose's blog and she recommended the My Weigh scales, and that was one of them...hopefully it will work ok!  Thanks again!


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Hi Maria.

I also bought the KD-7000 and have been really pleased with it and use it constantly. You won't be disappointed.


 To do it right, do it yourself.

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I am glad you like your scale, there are so many  models out there I wasn't sure what to get...but it sounds like this one will be good! It should be arriving soon!!

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After researching different scales online,  I purchased an Aquatronic scale by Salter ($60)about a month ago.  I have been a weekend bread baker for a couple of years, where in the past I would always measure the ingredients.  It seems weighing the ingredients improves the consistency and repeatability.  I have been happy with the purchase.  It measures in 2 gram increments up to 11 lb capacity.  It has a glass top which is easy to clean.  Hope this helps your search.

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My Salter scale, which I loved, has already gone haywire in only 3 months.  I cannot be without a scale. So I opted to order the Soehnle model 65055 because of the recommendation by Cooks Illustrated and the fact they have stuck with this basic model for several years as their top choice  Their last update supporting this model is current to this month, January 2007. This scale has corrected the previously cumbersome method of switching between ounces and grams, to a button on the top. 

Also, it has decreased in price every year and I ordered it today for just over $26 including free shipping.  Do a Google search to find several options in this same price range.  I can't recommend until I get it but I'm counting on Cook's Illustrated on this one.

Additionally, the range is a maximum of 11 pounds and goes down to .05 gram increment, which is great.

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I have the EatSmart Precision Pro and think its wonderful. It is easy to use, compact and looks good on my counter. Wouldn't try anything else.

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Here is a web site that may help. scales from 5.95 USD to 595.00 USD

I hope this helps someone here.