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Rye bread success

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Rye bread success

Organic rye flour, water and salt added to wild yeasts' magic :) These are my best ones so far, thanks for the hints I got here. This time I used a thermometer to see when they're ready (until it was 98 deg.C inside), the round one I baked for an hour, and the other was 15 minuter longer, in a higher temperature. I started with 250, lowered to 200 after 10 minutes, and ended with 230. The crust is hard (but not so that it'd break my teeth) and the insides soft but not too moist. And they taste perfect, I've already eaten half of the round one by myself! I'd send everyone a sample if I could. This is one of the best things in Finland, besides sauna and changing seasons :) Yay!

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I've been very curious about 100% rye loaves lately.