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Thanks so much everyone

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Thanks so much everyone

Jim, Floyd, SourDoLady, et al,


Thanks so much for your support.  I made a loaf (actually, two since I cut the dough in half) of traditional yeast bread.  I'm still waiting for my starter to finish doing its thing, but it's getting better.  I cheated and added a bit of wheat flour and yeast, but it's increasing.  Anyway, I made my traditional yeast bread and it tastes great.  I'm going to take the second loaf to my sister's house tomorrow for them to wow over.  They might boo, but I don't think so.  If not for you folks, I might have chucked all of my starter, and never have attempted it again.  The fact that I could bake a traditional yeast bread gave me courage and a warm fuzzy, so I look forward to trying a true (okay, a cheated) sourdough bread.


Thanks again,



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Hi Steph, I'm sorry to say that adding yeast to a sourdough starter is not a good idea. I keep the two well apart. I had a yeasted starter for years but unlike as some make out it NEVER became anything other than a yeasted starter. It is good practice for you though, the principles of keeping the starter are the same and while you're making bread with your yeasted starter you can make one without and compare. Keep the two apart and don't cross-contaminate though.