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Thermometers and bread baking

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Thermometers and bread baking

I have recently started baking larger loaves involves about 9 cups of bread.

I am having difficulty knowing when exactly the bread is done., so the obvious answer is a thermometer.

 My understanding is the internal temp should be 205-210 F.

When exactly do you take this temp, after the loaves have been in the oven for 30 minutes or so.Do you just plunge the thermometer through the crust at the highest part of the loaf and until you reach mid point?


Thank you for all responses. 


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When depends on the temp and the size of loaf. The temp  should be 200-210F For a 2lb loaf it takes about 40-50 mins. I put the probe in the bottom, of the loaf, somewhere you can't see it. It's hard to get the loaf temp too high without burning it so if the loaf doesn't look done it probably isn't so you don't need to go probing just yet. Hope that makes sense. 


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I take the temperature right after I take it out of the oven from the bottom of the loaf.  It is easier to get to the center that way and does not mar the bread on the top. If it is less than the desired temp I will put it immediately back in the oven for a few more minutes.  Though, I have never had a loaf not be of a high enough internal temperature when it has had the full baking time. 

Rena in Delaware

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Find out what area of the thermometer registers the temperature.  Some register at the tip of the probe, but others are an inch or two higher up.  That's the part that should be in the center of the loaf.  Give it time to register.  The temp you'll want will probably vary with the type of bread.  A plain, white sandwich loaf is usually done at 190 degrees; a dense, whole-wheat loaf from a wet dough can easily go to 210 degrees before it's done.   -Mary