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Deep Pan Focaccia ??? Type Bread

Hello, I am searching for a type of foaccia deep pan type bread.  Recently, on Food Network - saw episode containing bread that was baked in large pan and appeared to be about 2 inches thick.  It was then cut into squares a out 4 or 5 inches wide and sliced in half for sandwiches.  Does any one know what type of bread this could be????  IF so, what type of recipe would you use????    Thank you!!!!

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ivy b

Not exactly sure this will fit what you are looking for, however..... I make the now or later pizza dough from KAF's baking cookbook and use this, following the directions for their tender focaccia in regards to olive oil and placement in pan. At this point, however, I digress completely; I use Trader Joe's mixed olive bruschetta and/or sundried tomatoes in lieu of salt and rosemary.  ( NOTE: This can be very dangerous!  We make sure that we have company before making this, otherwise we turn into these strange porkies who sit and eat it all up!)  It is one of the most often requested items that people ask me to make when going to their house(s) for dinner. 

If anyone needs more clarification or has any comments, or suggestions for any additional toppings, please feel free to contribute!



Ivy B