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ice storm

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ice storm

I know this is completely off topic, but there is an ice storm that is affecting a huge area of the Midwest, South, and Northeast. So far in Louisville, KY, there are at least 75,000 without power; I'm one of the lucky ones (for now). 

If you're affected by the storm, could you share your experience? Tell us how you're doing, how your city or town is handling it, whether or not you have power, etc. And, of course, whether or not you're having a baking emergency (i.e., a perfectly proofed loaf ready to go in the oven but no power!)

Good luck to everyone, and remember, STAY INSIDE. Falling tree limbs and power lines can ruin your day!

Oh, one last thing: do NOT try to heat your home by turning on your gas oven and leaving the door open. People die all the time of carbon monoxide poisoning trying this trick.


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Thanks lot, dear.