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Pirate Ship Birthday Cake!

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Pirate Ship Birthday Cake!

Well, I leave the baking of breads to Floyd (my husband, and the webmaster of this site), but I figured I'd post this in my baking blog here because, well, maybe someone would find it fun (and besides, I suspect Floyd won't mind). Our son turned 4 on Sunday, and for his birthday he wanted to have a Pirate Party. So, I made him a Pirate Ship Cake!

read more to see how it was done!


My boy wanted a strawberry cake, and I was a bit surprised at how pink the thing turned out to be. A few calculated slices and some picks to keep the pieces from falling, and we'd turn this into the scariest strawberry cake on the seven seas!



There's the pirate ship! I left the mast off until we arrived at the pizza parlor where we planned to have the party.

The ship was named after the birthday boy, with sugar skulls and a grape fruit-roll flag, pirouline cookie cannons, and chocolate malt-ball cannon balls

which turned out to be quite popular with the kids.


Arr there be a treasure chest filled with gems and dubloons by the cap'n too!

There she is, all assembled. The ice-cream cone crows nest was supported by a straw nestled inside of more pirouine cookies. The only part that wasn't edible (aside from the picks that held the shape of the ship and the straw, was the pirate flag hanging from the top of the mast. Oh, and the pirates of course.


The kids loved it!


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You did a fantastic job on the cake. I'm sure your son was thrilled with it.

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Thanks SourdoLady! I had a lot of fun decorating :)

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This is one of the coolest birthday cakes ever! One of my best friends is obsessed with pirates and I think I'll do a cake like this for her birthday.

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First off The pirate cakes is GREAT. I love it and I will try to make!  I am planning to do a pirate party for my 3 years son. He loves pirates. I have 2 question:

 Where did you find the tablecloth?, it is perfect, I have been lookign for a nice one, but I did not like any, but yours is nice.

   Where did you get the pirates for the cake?

  Thank you so much!

 I will really appreciate your answer. I am crazy trying to find pirate stuff....


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They have a pirate cake at fred meyers grocery store (owned by kroger now) and you can ask at the bakery to just buy the guys for like 4 bucks I think. Of course, there's been a massive pirate explosion since then, as pirates of the carribean repopularized the theme. A lot of party stores have little pirate guys that would work too.

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Wonderful cake!!  I have a 2 1/2 yo grandson who would go crazy over that.  I think I will forward this web page to my DIL for future reference.  Keep going.  Bread is great, but we need a little cake for variety every once in a while. :) 

Rena in Delaware

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Beautiful... Good work! What's the plan for this bithday? ;-)

Take Care


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He's currently asking for a Link cake - that would be his hero from the Legend of Zelda video games which he hasnt stopped obsessing over for the past two years. I am already thinking on ways to do this.

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Ha... never heard of that.... I have 6 year old who hasn't gotten into that. I can't wait to see the LINK CAKE!!!

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I just hosted my son's pirate party yesterday and made my own pirate cake!  What fun!  It turned out beautifully, thanks to your detailed instructions and pictues.  It was a hit!  I really appreciate you posting this!



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I also made the pirate cake for my son's birthday!  It was a hit and not too hard!  Thank you so much, I'd been !

Danielle Jefferson

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very good post to read and you did a good cake baking for your son.

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great thanks