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December 17, 2006 - 1:36am -- Jeffrey

Wendy came home with some bread pans, so we had to test one. 

Yep, it worked out pretty good.   We ate the whole thing. 


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Submitted by Kate on

Hey, that looks great! I've been looking for a sandwichy-type bread to make in a bread pan, what recipe did you use?

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Submitted by Jeffrey on

nice to meet you Kate 


It's not really a recipe, it just seemed an easy way to put it together.


A cup of starter

2 cups of flour

then added water a bit at a time till it was sticky, but not way to goey. learned that from this forum.


let it sit for a while, punched it down, and kneaded in a pinch of salt.

let it double, in a warm place.  tossed it in the pan, proofed it, and baked at 400 deg

hope this works, it's sort of how we do my every day loaves. 



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Submitted by Jeffrey on

I've been looking for that post all week, where did you find it?


                                        oh there it is, in the gallery, never mind

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Submitted by Jeffrey on

I'm so sorry for putting that picture here, i really don't know how i did it. I have two other pictures here if you delete that one. It's so embaracing every time i see it.



lets hope my bread making get better than my computer skills.

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Submitted by dstroy on

Aww come on - that's a great looking start! I should find some of the pictures I have of Floyd's first breads a couple years ago - the whole point of this site is for folks to share and learn and most of all have fun - while getting to make some tasty treats in the process!

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Submitted by Floydm on

Look at lesson one. I can shape/score/bake a much prettier loaf now. But I leave it as is so that new bakers can come, try it, and end up with something that looks about the same. Tis a much nicer experience than what you get trying to copy Martha Stewart or someone else who puts out beautiful, air-brushed, unattainable food photos. Inevitably you end up disappointed with your results, no matter how good a job you do. What kind of experience is that?

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Submitted by Jeffrey on

So as not to discurage young alcolytes, i must continue on.


Here's picture to inspire them to greatness, perhaps someday, fresh loaves will sit on every table.