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Awesome Whole Wheat Bread

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Awesome Whole Wheat Bread

I have mastered the perfect bread machine whole wheat recipe. While I love making bread "the real way" with a fussy one year old, sometimes I just don't have the time. This recipe I adapted from the recipe that came with my breadmaker.

For 1.5 lb loaf:

1 cup + 2 Tbsp water (room temperature, 75 to 85 degrees F or 24 to 30 C)

1 Tbsp + 1-1/2 tsp butter or margerine, softened

1/4 cup firmly packed brown sugar

1 tablespoon honey

1-1/4 tsp. salt

1 1/2 cups unbleached flour

2 cups whole wheat flour

2 tablespoons flaxseed meal

2-1/4 tsp. yeast (I found that active dry yeast works fine, but you can use breadmaker yeast too).

Use the whole wheat setting for your breadmaker.

Place ingredients into the bread pan in the following order: water, butter, sugar, honey, salt, flour, and flaxseed meal. With your finger, make a small indentation on one side of the flour. Add yeast to indentation, making sure it does not come in contact with the liquid ingredients.

That's all! Happy eating.

If anyone wants the amounts for a 2lb loaf let me know and I'll post them ;)

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seasoned solutions

I just made this "Awesome Whole Wheat Bread" loaf & it is delicious. I ground brown flaxseeds fresh. This loaf is very moist. I would dearly love the recipe for the 2 pound loaf, as this little baby won't last 5 minutes around here!

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Needless to say, with just two of us, a loaf only lasts 1 day. Need ingredients resized for my little machine. (1.33 cups flour). I'm gonna try it tonight, just guessing at amounts for alittle more than a third sized loaf. Rough calculation is approx 42% of receipe. Gonna try halving it and see what I get. No Flax seed so gonna sub Wheat Germ. Will get back with results. If it last more than a day then wifey don't like it much. She don't say much, just doesn't eat it. On the other hand, just to be fair, if she likes it. . .there's nothing left.



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Well, I can't say I've ever had a bigger flop. Don't know what exactly it is I did wrong but something didn't work well. The loaf never really developed. I thought if felt fine while kneading. Maybe needed more liquid. It didn't rise much at all, never formed to the shape of the pan. Loaf was somewhat burnt on the side that did lie against the pan. Was a rather dense loaf, somewhat moist in the center. Parts that weren't crusty or doughy tasted somewhat sweet. My only variation other than quantity of ingredients was using Wheat Germ in place of Flaxseed. Also added two teaspoons of Wheat Gluten. I didn't have guts enough to even show it to wifey. Tasted my mistake and trashed it. Back to the drawing, or in this case, the baking board. Maybe if someone else does the conversion calculations for me I'll have better luck. I've made lotsa loaves in two different machines and I believe this was my biggest flop ever. But, it's been awhile, so will take me a bit to get the hang of it again.



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I really would appreciate the 2 pound recipe .....I love WW and am always up for a new one and it would be nice to have a really good one for the bread  machine...

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Florida Peggy

I made the Awesome Whole Wheat Bread in my Zojirushi Breadmaker but did add 1 tablespoon of Vital Wheat Gluten.  It looks beautiful and tastes delicious.  I always slice the bread and freeze it, taking out one or two slices at a time so that I have a very fresh piece of bread each time.

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So... I made this bread yesterday to try a whole wheat bread for when I'm in a rush, and it turned out pretty good. I used my Zojirushi that I got practically brand new for only $25!! Apparently the previous owner (in her 50's) couldn't really figure out how to use it and after a few trys decided to give it up. Actually, her daughter-in-law said she would rather play golf than bake bread, but I'm trying to give her some credit.


Anyway, that is not why I'm posting this. I used the quick setting since I was using instant yeast. Today I figured I'd try the basic setting along with the instant yeast since it had 3 rise cycles rather than just 2. Well, well, well. I almost screamed with fright when I saw what came out of that thing! It had grown several tumors and warts, and was nothing like what I had made yesterday. All the genetic materials were the same, flour, water, etc., but what was born today clearly had defects. It just goes to show you what can happen when you mess with the fragile gestation period of a loaf of bread.

Posted for your horror and hopefully amusement are the two loafs.

Healthy, good bread

good bread


good bread 2

Defective, ugly bread

ugly bread


ugly bread 2
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Yikes, that does look like something you'd find in a medical museum.

And it reminds me of a hilarious thread we had going some time ago--you might have won a prize with this entry. 

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Hmmn, is there a radiation cycle in your machine?  Great score on the Zo!

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It really is awesome ! Can't tell you how many bread recipes I have tried with mediocre results. I bought a second hand Hitachi, fairly old , but I needed a decent machine, for cheap.

I decided to make my own bread when I had to go on a low salt diet, and could not find a sodium-free bread on store shelves. I make your recipe without the salt(except the bit that's in the butter...I haven't tried unsalted butter yet) I can barely keep up with how much the family loves this bread. I also haven't tried the flaxseed yet. One day I accidentally stopped the baking with an hour to go in the whole process. The loaf was rather squishy. We had to tear off chunks . Cutting it was impossible. But the family devoured it before nightfall, it was so good! So happy you worked out a great recipe. Thank you!

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I've had my bread maker for over 1 year and have tried many recipes.  yesterday I found this recipe on the internet and decided to try it.  I added all the ingredients to the bread maker and started the machine.  It appeared to me that the recipe gave a very dry consistency to the doe compared to other recipes I've tried.  However, I resisted the temptation to add more  water.

The resulting bread is the best I've made so far.  It has very good flavour and really nice texture.  Makes good toast and sandwiches.  This is the only recipe that I've bookmarked and will use this as my wholemeal recipe into the future.