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Sourdough Starter Feeding Intervals & Etc.

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Sourdough Starter Feeding Intervals & Etc.

Well the last batch of starter didn't make it, but I have a new batch of starter which is doing very well.  It's at the point now where I need to feed it twice a day while it sits on my desk.  I don't plan on using it until next week and of course I don't want to waste that much flour keeping it going until then.  So, if I put it in the fridge, how much should I feed it before doing so, and how long should I let it sit out before I put it in?  I assume when I take it out I should feed it as I normally would after it comes up to temperature.


In regards to my feeding questions in my last post, feeding 1/4 cup old starter with 1 cup flour and ~1/2 cup water is working great!


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Just feed it like you normally would and wait until it looks good and bubbly (maybe an hour or so) and then put it into the fridge. Once it is in the fridge you can leave it a week between feedings with no problem. You can actually go longer than that but it is better if you don't. When you are ready to bake with it, just take it out, dump and feed generously then let it proof overnight before using.