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An English entry

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September 25, 2006 - 3:19pm -- helend

With the weather all topsy-turvy I finally have a fair crop of courgettes and the tomatoes are starting to ripen - a bit late and won't win prizes but very welcome. I am very proud of my "mini-orchard" and the Marjorie plums and red Flamenco cooking apples are fantastic in colour and flavour. The large Bolero Eating apples are very sweet now - I try to pick them to eat straight away - the one in the bowl weighs 10 ounces! Unfortunately all the Comice pears have gone and this is the last conference pear left but I hope next year the baby tree will be a bit stronger.

The jars at the back are green tomato (I got impatient in August!), gooseberry and apple ginger chutney and on the side is the appple jelly from windfalls I made yesterday.

The polenta cake uses homemade yoghurt with apple and tayberries from the soft fruit garden and the loaf is Floyd's honey wholewheat - now a firm favourite in this house.

This has been a lovely idea Floyd! I have really enjoyed seeing everybody's "harvest" and made everyone smile as I arranged my "still life".


Helend :)