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The photo's not as pretty...

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September 30, 2006 - 2:09pm -- Joe Fisher

...but I sure like the way the loaf came out :)


Bread Baker's Apprentice basic sourdough recipe. It's supposed to be a pumpkin :) I made it from 3 batards, with the middle one being bigger than the outer ones. I wasn't sure how to slash it, so I just went for some light slashes that might suggest lobes of the pumpkin.




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Submitted by Joe Fisher on

It was a big hit with the in-laws :)

 I was disappointed in the crumb.  The crust was fantastic, but inside there was a HUGE hole, and the rest of the crumb around the hole was dense and chewy.

 Not enough gluten development?  The starter was active, as evidenced by the huge oven spring to generate the big hole.

I'm going to try an autolyze next time and see how it goes.