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New to site

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New to site

Just discovered this site while looking for a Ciabatta bread recipe on-line.  How did I never find this before?  My wife and I both enjoy baking breads and with grocery prices the way they are it makes sense to make our own (my wife noticed last week that the fresh baked loafs at the grocery store had almost doubled in price in the last year or so).

 I'm enoying all the great info so far and trying to find my way around the website and find all it has to offer.  One question I do have, is there a master list of all recipes?  There is the "favorites" list on the home page and I can search, but is there a quick list of all recipes?  I appreciate any help on this and I look forward to making some good bread.  I'm not so good at posting things online, I mostly read and use, but if I can I'll try to post some recipes if I see something missing.  Thanks and good baking.

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Hello! I am absolutely amazed at the number of male bakers I see in this site. I think it is really great. There was once a discussion about this as a matter of fact. Anyway, welcome. As I remember from one thread, Floyd said that there was no main recipe list. You have to go asearching. Take some time because members post incredible recipes that get hidden among discussions, sometimes in a thread that would never make you think there could be THAT recipe there. And of course the advantage is that those bakers can usually answer your questions.


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One of the interesting things about this site is that it isn't just a quick recipe reference. I had the same frustration at first when I came to The Fresh Loaf but as I began to understand how the site works things became clear. I suggest you experiment with simple searches using the name of the bread you are trying to work on or the process you want to understand. We have many excellent bakers here that are very helpful. If you can't find what you are looking for, ask the question in the forum. This is not a place where there is an expert to answer your questions but rather, a community of beginners and experts alike that will share the process and formula that works for them. We have had famous authors and recipe testers here and professional bakers looking to pass their secrets on to the world. The search engine is your friend to get started but the personality of the site is in the friendly nature of the community so please do ask questions and/or make comments.

I look forward to seeing your work and hearing about your interests.