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San Francisco's Boudin Sourdoughs

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San Francisco's Boudin Sourdoughs

We're back from San Francisco!


I took some pictures at Boudin's Sourdough market when we were playing tourist at Fisherman's Wharf.



These guys had headphones and an outside speaker so they could banter with the general public while they shaped breads into funny characters.









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I miss san francisco sourdough SO MUCH!

i could eat one of those loaves all by myself.  SO good and sour!




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Thanks so much for sharing.  Looks like it was a FUN trip and such great bread creations. 

Howard - St. Augustine, FL

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I'd like one of those turtles! Thanks for the visit.


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I just got back from San Fran for my 30th birthday, and the shapes Boudin makes are very fun!  However, I was VERY put off by the huge machines making the "artisan" bread.  When did I become such a snob?  (I blame it on TFL, he he)

Next time you go back be sure to go the Ferry building and get some bread from Acme bread.  It was so good we went back and bought two large bags full to take back to Seattle, and let me tell you...we already have some darn good bread here.  ; )  Acme is an amazing bakery with only two stores, one in the Ferry building and the main bakery in Berkley.  Boudin bread is "famous" and makes characters...but I think great bread is about more then a name and an alligator.

Cheers and I hope ya'll had as much fun as we did!!