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Can poolish be used with this sweet potato version?

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Can poolish be used with this sweet potato version?

Whoopsies, I think I posted this earlier on the wrong section, so here it is again.Fabulous Potato Rosemary recipe & rolls Floyd.  I was very much encouraged by your success & kategill0's sweet pot version.  I have been baking a variety of straight dough method bread recipes of different grains/seeds/fruits/flavours for about  a year plus now in our family mini toasterlike oven.So...I'd like to attempt to use poolish for my first try despite our lack of proper bigger & better convection or an electric oven. Would it be possible to combine poolish with the sweet potato version?  I live in a very hot & humid Equatorial climate so slow multiple cool rises isn't possible as the dough tends to end up with a horrid beery off odour. 

I've come up with this version, would appreciate any comments:


3/4 tsp yeast

1/4 c warm sweet potato liquid

1/2c + 1 tbsp room temp water

1 1/4c AP flour


2 3/4c wholemeal or whole wheat flour

3/4 tsp yeast

1/4 warm sweet pot liquid

3/4 room temp sweet pot liquid

1 c sour cream

3 c Bread Flour

4 tsp salt

2 tbsp butter

2tbsp dried rosemary

2 tsp grd black pepper

2 tsp round sage leaves

I would be most grateful for any helpful tips.  I did however made a very successful Poppy Seed Hot Crossed Buns(photo posted in the gallery) using Floyd's very detailed & informative "Lesson 5, No 7, The Wetter & Better"".  The crumb texture was fluffy soft & had some bits of irregular tiny holes but not as much as I'd expected since it was my first attempt in handling a very wet & slack dough.

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It looks good to me, although I'm no expert...  When you mean sweet potato liquid, are you talking about the puree?  I feel like the puree that I added was the key to the texture of the rolls at the end and I don't see it elsewhere in your recipe.  Let me know how they turn out!

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Hi Kate,

Thanks for your feedback. Have already put aside the mashed sweet pot as well as the leftover liquid. Would that liquid help by giving the rolls an extra ooomph u think?

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Hello Everybody/Kategill0/Floyd,

Would appreciate any tips & comments on how to improve my loaves using poolish as documented on my blog here: