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Just found this wonderful site - and I don't know where to start searching! So much to see! I am a full-time RVer so don't do as much bread baking as when I lived in a stick house and I miss the flavor, texture, etc of home made bread.


I am currently struggling with high cholesterol so am particularly interested in a recipe for really healthy bread now. Probably oat, wheat, flax seed, seseme seed, or ???? Would welcome suggestions. Also, are there any known websites that can give you the breakdown on the health benefits/values of the ingredients in a recipe?



My goodness! I just previewed my msg - and see the date posted noted as December 31, 1969 5:00pm! WRONG!!!

How does the date get there? Today is September 23, 2006! 


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The date gets there automatically.

That's funy that it told you Dec 31, 1969.  That is the beginning of the universe in unixtime.  I can't reproduce it, but you must have stumbled across a bug in Drupal.

Anyway, welcome to the site!