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University technology trainer and bread baker in Knoxville TN

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University technology trainer and bread baker in Knoxville TN

Hi Friends,

I live in Knoxville, TN...I have the joy of working with computers all day long and then baking bread in the evenings. Lately I've been expermenting with grinding my own wheat and making bread...not having a lot of success yet..but I'm going to keep trying. Working with fresh whole wheat is a whole new ball game. If anyone else is leanring about this I'd love to chat.

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Hey src, I also mill my own flour too. I've been at it for about a year now and am still learning a lot. I've made some good yeast breads, quick breads, muffins, cookies, brownies and cakes. If I could help you in any way I would love to share what I know.freshmilled

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Hi! I just joined this site and would like to share info about how to bake with fresh-ground flour too.

I bought a few videos on the subject and found a few websites:

Did you know about these?  Do you know of any others?

I'm curious to know how you found about that it even existed!  That you could buy a mill and grind your own flour and bake with it!! I happened to find the site and that's where I discovered it existed.

I bought a few books on the subject too.  I want to bake ONLY with 100% fresh-ground flour.  

I see that this site has all kinds of baking interests, but I wonder how many people here are just into the fresh-milled flour baking.

Thanks and it's so nice to have someone to talk to about this!!!

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Hi Ruth, I also bake exclusively with freshly milled flours. I am a Co-Op coordinator for the Chesapeake area for the Bread Beckers. I've only been doing this for a year but it is so awesome and the health benefits are tremendous! Do you have the Beckers recipe book?  It is well worth the $6-$7. What is your most successful  bread recipe?  I'm new to this site too and hoping to get some help with making sourdough with freshly milled flour. We'll see how it turns out. freshmilled

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I have been milling my own flours for about a year, now, too.  I got a book called "Flour Power" that really got me started.  Now, my favorite flour for bread is kamut.  It has such a rich, buttery flavor and works pretty much the same as hard wheats.  And, as of now, it's not genetically engineered.


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Don't laugh! But I'm currently grinding my wheat in a coffee mill. It does a really good job but the process is very slow. I would like to buy a really good mill but they are so you have any ideas where to get a mill at a great price...I'd even take a used one.



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I don't know where you can find a cheap used mill but my wife and I just purchaced a very nice juicer (Champion Juicer) that has a grain mill attachment. Also if you have a Kitchenaid stand mixer there is a mill made for the attachment socket on that too.

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Likewise, I am relatively new to all of this.  It is going well, so far.  I made the Rustic Loaf from this site yesterday and the texture is exactly what I was looking for.   My biggest question is which grain to use to get different results.  I bought a couple hundred pounds of different organic grains from Tropical Traditions online. I have Kamut, Spelt, Hard Red Spring, Soft White Winter, Millet and some Praire Gold.  I understand the hard vs soft / yeast vs pastry concept.  I just dont know if I should use Hard Red Spring in most every bread.  I would like to make some artisian or sourdough types.  It seems hard red is so limiting.  Can anyone recommend another grain?  I read what Nancy said about Kamut.  Do you use it alone and which types of bread do you make with it?