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falling when placed in oven

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john duffield

falling when placed in oven


i am new here and new to bread baking

the bread i bake has incredable texture and taste, but after proving it almost always falls  loose its shape, and i do not have a clue what to do.

Please help a new starter

thank you john

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Can you give some more details about what type of bread your baking? Yeast, sourdough? Proofed in bannetons, bread pans, free shaped?

It sounds like your bread is over-proofed before you put it in the oven, but the experiences bread-makers here would need more details to be able to give you some advice. But with their help, you'll definitely get on the right track!




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Brian D

Was due to temperature variations. I proofed in a warm oven then brought out into a cool environment. After slashing, in the oven it went and it deflated even before it got to bake. I fixed that by making sure my final rise temperature was very close to the room temperature.