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Hi! I'm new from Pennsylvania.

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Hi! I'm new from Pennsylvania.

Hi Everyone!  I'm new to this site. I'm so glad I found you.

I want to start using the wondermill that I just bought.  Is anyone there an expert at baking with fresh-ground flour?  I've never used a site like this, so I'm not sure what I'm doing.

Is there a way to search for blogs or threads or whatever you call them to find information on how to bake with fresh-ground flour?

Thanks and God Bless!  Ruth 

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Hi Ruth--

I'm not an expert by any stretch re: baking with whole-grain flour, having been doing it for about a year. I too only bake with freshly-milled flour - my mill is a Country Living grain mill that I've just motorized (I love to hand-grind, but wasn't able to keep up with my own demand!) I've got hard white, hard red, soft white and rye, all from Honeyville Grains. You will find, as others have noted elsewhere, that you can use whole-grain flour in any recipe, but the texture will be just a bit heavier. Please read Laurel's Kitchen Bread book - all the recipes call for exclusively whole-grain flour.

For those that have never experienced using freshly milled flour - the difference between that and store-bought whole-wheat flour is amazing. It smells and tastes fresher. Who knows how long that bag of flour has been sitting around, with the germ getting a little more rancid every day? With rye, the difference is stunning. Unless you shop in a store that has high turnover of their flours, the rye may have been sitting for quite some time.

Hopefully we can both learn from others on this site, and share our successes and our 'learning experiences' - never call them failures!

 susanB - Also from Pennsylvania