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where to sell pizza stone

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where to sell pizza stone

Dear Sir/Ms 

We are specialized in producing pizza stone,Our pizza stones can be used in pizza oven and fireplace to bake pizza or other food, they can be also used to make pizza oven.we want to sell our products in your country,but we can not know who our pizza stone be sold for?we hope you can supply some information for us.

about product information, pls visit our website,all the specifications are showed on it.Our products have good quality and comparative price .thank you. Best  regardsBryant LuoFoshan Sunmore Refractory MaterialsCo., LtdTel86-757-83382406Email:


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Posting a commercial solicitation once is acceptable. Posting it 6 times, as you did, is spamming.

Please do not do that again or I will shut down you account.