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Seeded Sourdough Crumb

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March 18, 2008 - 6:27am -- pincupot

This is an inside look at my seeded sourdough.  I think it looks good.  Any comments?  It sure tastes good!

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Submitted by holds99 on


Nice interior holes and crumb.  I presume it is whole wheat?  What kind of seeds did you use?

Howard - St. Augustine, FL

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Submitted by pincupot on

Hey Howard,


Thanks for posting your comment.

I primarily use Nancy Silverton's Seeded Sourdough recipe, though I have a mental blockage that prevents me from following directions completely.  So.... the recipe calls for whole wheat and rye flour added with the white starter.  Also seeds - amarynth, quinoa, millet, poppy. 

I actually add a little oatmeal sometimes, oat bran sometimes, flax seeds always.  Finally, for the seeds on top, I use sesame, sometimes sunflower, poppy and instead of fennel seeds, I like cumin seeds.

 If you haven't used "Breads from LaBrea Bakery" by Nancy Silverton, I suggest it.  Check your local library.  Great book!  Great recipes.


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Submitted by holds99 on


Yes, I do have Nancy Silveton's LaBrea book and use it frequently.  It was one of the first books I purchased when I became interested in sourdough and artisan baking.  It's coming apart so I keep Scotch taping it to hold it together.  My favorites are her Basic Country Loaf and Whole Wheat Boule.  Anyway, I made her starter, using grapes (14 day exercise) and am still using it 10 years later.  She was the diva of sourdough, wonder why she dropped out of sight?  I saw her years ago on Julia Child when Julia had her as a guest and they showed the LaBrea bakery and discussed sourdough baking.  I could be wrong but I think her bakery was on Wilshire Blvd. in L.A. near the site of the LaBrea tar pits museum.  She was (or maybe still is) married to Mark Peel, who owns (or used to own) Campanile restaurant in L.A.  Sounds like you're adventurous when it comes to baking and will have a lot of fun.  Keep us posted on your various baking projects.

Howard - St. Augustine, FL