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new from wv and grain supplier question

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new from wv and grain supplier question

Hello fellow bread peoples! I don't recall how I came upon this site, but am glad I did. I have been baking bread for my family for seven years. I love it! Pretty strictly a whole grain baker...appreciated even by my kids (though my son occassionally asks if I would bake white bread). I do have an immediate question...I have recently begun to mill my own flour. I purchased a small grain order from an online company to get a feel for what I might use, and am now ready to go whole hog on grain acquisition. Any suggestions for where to purchase grain without accumulating high shipping costs? I am trying to work with a local bulk food shop, but so far no success there. Help! I'm going to have to buy flour at the store to get by for now!! UGH!

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staff of life

Whereabouts in WV do you live?  I live in VA about 30 mins from the WV/VA line, the nearest WV town being Mathias.  Here in VA there are a lot of shops that use Dutch Valley as their distributor.  DV has a website; you could find out if there's a shop nearby that uses DV, and see if you can order that way.  Even a shop an hour away might be worthwhile if you can buy enough at a time.  (DV sells Wheat Montana, by the way.)


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Hi!  Thanks for your response!  I live in central West Virginia...about an hour southeast of Charleston.  It's interesting you should mention Dutch Valley.   That is one of the suppliers my local food shop owner uses.  I shall pursue that with her a little more well as check out their website...thanks!

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charlene in va


 I'm in SW Virginia (near Blacksburg).  Dutch Valley might be a possibility.  You can order from them yourself but you have to have an $800 minimum order.  


You might want to try Walton Feed or Honeyville Grain.  Another possibility would be Emergency Essentials.  If you google them, they all have great websites.  Shipping is expensive but if you purchase from Dutch Valley - the shipping is in the price already.


We love the hard white wheat - good luck!