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My success and failure over the weekend

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My success and failure over the weekend

My success:

  • French Kneading is far superior to stretch and fold

My failure:

  • But not for Spelt


Stupid me forgot that Spelt should not be overworked but on the plus side I've learned a new skill. I do recommend French Kneading but for Strong Wheat Flour.


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I just love french kneading.

I do little french kneading , than 5 minutes rest , and again french kneading, 5 minutes rest.... no need to french knead until the Arms fall off.

Looking forward to some bread and crumb pictures.

I shall bake my first loaf in the new Oven tomorrow. yeahhh

AbeNW11's picture

It's really for strong flours like wheat. It was too much for the Spelt. Hopefully i'm going to do a wheat one soon and some photos. Happy baking in your new oven.