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Mini Ovens

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Mini Ovens

Hi All,

I want to replace my bread maker and microwave with a mini oven.

The only way to take my bread baking to the next level is with an oven.

Unfortunately only have room for a mini oven, microwave size.

Can anyone recommend anything which gives the best results.

I live in the UK.


Thank you.

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I haven't used myself but have seen great results from the Rofco Ovens over at  These are far from cheap options but they do make small ovens.  


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Looks amazing but wish I could afford it. At the moment I could only dream.

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That Rofco must be a great oven with the price, I have purchased  a Wolfgang Puck oven, haven't made bread in it yet but have cooked a turkey and chickens etc., really works great, this oven can cook like a bigger oven, but is smaller, it also has a dial on top and a lever to tightly close door, it's just like a pressure cooker if you want to save some time, You can bake bread in it, don't know if it comes out any different when you close it up like a pressure cooker or if it's better to just bake it normally. I think the price was about $250.00 to $350.00, the less price is without the rotisserie if you want, You can go to his website to see what all it can do. Here is the website.

Jim Bullard


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option would make steaming bread a snap.

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Do pressure cookers automatically make it the right atmosphere, for the bread, we are trying to create?

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This one actually looks really interesting. I'm wondering if this pressure come oven cooker would be perfect! for bread or not. In my price range and will be looking into it. Another thing to think of is how available it is in the UK. Will certainly be very good for all other types of cooking. This is an option.

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I have a Breville toaster oven that I love for general cooking, and it makes great bread too. French-type bread actually comes out better in the B than in my rather pricey GE, and it preheats in 5 minutes so the food is halfway cooked before the GE gets up to temp. Doesn't heat up the kitchen, either. About the only time I use the regular oven now is if a pan won't fit in the Breville, which will hold a 9x13" that has no handles. 

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Breville certainly sounds good. Price is right and available in the UK. I'm only going to be baking smaller breads as only making enough for one. And good that it heats up quickly but isn't going to make my whole room hot.

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I want to agree with the comment about the Breville Toaster Oven.  It has some attributes that I like and have not seen in other ovens, including being able to change the height of the racks and a broil mode.  The problem is that it is not big enough to make a large loaf of bread that would get a lot of oven rise.  When I tried, the top got burned.  It does work great for pizza, flat breads, and smaller loaves.


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Thanks Yogajan. Think Breville sounds like the one i'm looking for. Will only be making smaller breads anyways. Could always put the rack on the lowest and because the bread i'm making is a small loaf for one i'd get that oven rise without burning the top.

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Small ovens do make bread turn out dark on the bottom. You could try an air-bake sheets -- they do work -- but sizing the sheet to the oven might be a challenge, or you could get a small baking stone. If there is a heating element on top it could make your baked goods turn out dark on the top as well.