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Transitional Country Hearth Bread from WGB by PR

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Transitional Country Hearth Bread from WGB by PR

Adapted from the recipe, this bread is 50% whole wheat flour and 50% bread flour.


1) Instead of biga, I used a white sourdough. 

2) Added 25g water more into final dough because I find it too dry. So total hydration is close to 70%.

3) Instead of kneading after using the mixer, I used stretch and fold.

4) I proofed until I pass the "finger poke" test instead of looking at the size or clock because I don't know how to gauge the size using the round cane banneton.

5) Baked it in a pre-heated oven with a pre-heated sassafras la cloche. 20 mins with cover, 15 mins without cover until internal temperature of 96C.




The next time I bake this, I will omit the yeast in the final dough and add in some seeds to the final dough.



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That's an attractive looking boule, with a nice profile, and bloom.

Nice job!


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I'm still learning.

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Very nice lookin loaf of bread