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Baking while travelling - recipe idea

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Baking while travelling - recipe idea

I'm spending the weekend at some friends' summer home, and I'm planning to surprise them with some nice sourdough bread. I won't have much time to prepare or to work with the dough while I'm there, nor a lot of tools, so I thought I'd run some ideas by you guys before I go. My preliminary plan is as follows - I'm leaving home in the morning on Day 2 and would like to bake the bread sometime on Day 3.


Day 1 (evening) - at home

Freshen up my rye starter, packing some in the morning of day 2. It will be stored in room temperature for most of day 2.

Day 2 (evening) - at my friends' house


150 g 100% rye starter/sour dough

150 g bread flour

150 g whole wheat

200 g water (i.e. 80% hydration including the starter)

Letting that autolyse for about an hour, maybe a stretch and fold and adding a bit of salt and then sticking it in the fridge.

Day 3 (noon-early afternoon)

After approx 18 hours, taking the dough out of the fridge, letting it rest for about 45 minutes, shape, final proof, maybe 45 minutes-1 hour and then bake until done.


Do you think this will work? I'm assuming I'll need to check on the bread during the morning of Day 3 and adjust the bulk rise accordingly, maybe taking it out to rise in room temperature if it's slow. I made a similar recipe recently (using only starter and no pre-fermentation) and was happy with the results.

Thank you for any and all feedback!

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You should refresh the starter again on Day 2 before you leave or it will be 24 hours (or there about) ripe when adding to the dough.  And I don't know how your dough generally works but for me the final proof is much longer than 45 minutes especially with cold bulk fermented dough.  I'd think more along the lines of at least 2 and probably more like 3 hours final proofing.  

Good Luck



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I second golgi70's thoughts on the refreshment timing. I don't know how vivacious your starter is, but mine would be pretty exhausted after sitting for that long.

In addition to refreshing the starter a bit later, you might also want to mix it colder (ice water, maybe chill the starter itself the night before) and maybe use a smaller inoculation than usual to slow it down a bit.

For day 3 - have you done the final proof with cold dough before? I know you're planning to take it out and let it warm a bit, but an hour of final proof still sounds a bit short for me. If that's something you've done before with good results, and if you know the kitchen will be nice and warm, then great. But if you don't know, that's another point to think about.

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An hour is not likely to be enough.  I'd plan on closer to 3-4 hours if you are taking it out of the fridge after retarding overnight.  Of course YMMV.  It really depends on the characteristics of your starter.  But my starter demands about 3 hours after retarding before it's ready to bake (room temp of mid 70s).