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Bonjour Cousins !

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Bonjour Cousins !

Hello !


We are in France, and our listings have the letters of Jean and Louise (PRUDHON) LARRABURU 318 5th Avenue San Francisco. They had a baked French bread.

Marie-Louise FABRE (PRUDHON) was Aunt Louise and it was also the aunt of my dad.

We would like to hear from our family.

The last letter of america dated December 2, 1959.

Louise went to live in retirement RedWood City.


Prudhon Michèle.


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Bonjour, Michèle!

Welcome to The Fresh Loaf.

About 19 months ago, a person with the site name "Larraburu Bros." posted one message. He or She said that the Larraburu brothers were his/her great uncles. This person has not posted since then. Here is a link to that message: Larraburu Crust

I wish I could provide more identifying information, but none was given. 

A search on finds a Louise V. Larraburu who died in San Mateo, California 16/Oct, 1973. Her husband was G. John Larraburu. There are many people with the last name "Larraburu" living currently in San Francisco, Redwood City and elsewhere in California.

Good luck with your search for family.


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Hello David - 

I believe you are thinking of me.  It was my Great Uncle who purchased the bakery in the 50's I believe.  We are not related to the Larraburu family.  my uncle's surname was Paul.   Good luck finding the Larraburu family!


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Hello Michele:  I am JP Smith, the son of Georgette Paris whose mother was Anna Larraburu, St.Jean and Jean's sister.  I was very young when Uncle Jean passed but have many fond memories of Aunt Louise.  I think we might have met in 1970 when my family visited France.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to me.