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Bread in breadmaker tray sticks

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Bread in breadmaker tray sticks

This has probably been answered elsewhere,but I am new to this forum and can't findanything.

I have a sunbeam convection bakehouse breadmaker which makes a lovely loaf,but getting the cooked loaf out of the pan is a very difficult exercise,and the loaf often breaks up in the process.Obviously the Teflon coating no longer works.I have tried all kinds of oils to no success.A new pan for this model is no longer available for this model.I am at the point of chucking the breadmaker and buying a new one.Is there anything anyone can suggest before I take this drastic expensive step.


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Coat with margarine/shortening, spray with Pam, and sprinkle light coating of flour (rice flour recommended).

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David Esq.

Are you sure the Teflon coating is not coming off on your bread? I assume so, but just double check that it looks intact, otherwise it is time to get rid of it.

If you don't eat margarine or shortening, consider coconut oil. It is solid at room temperature and easy enough to spread on bakeware. 

If you search for "non-stick" I believe you will find a home made formula that people swear by.  I have been very fortunate and have never had anything stick in my cast iron except a popover.  Which reminds me. Time to make popovers.

 Here is a non-stick thread you may find useful:



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"I am at the point of chucking the breadmaker and buying a new one"

Chuck the breadmaker.

Don't buy a new one ever again.

Spend less than £20 on 1 large cheap plastic bowl, 1 smaller cheap plastic bowl and 1 round cheap pizza stone.

Mix your dough in the large bowl (takes 2 mins)
Use the "10 second knead" method to knead the dough for just 10 seconds in the bowl 4 times over a 40min period
Use the small bowl to cover the large bowl and let the dough rise of it's own accord
Shape into a boule and put it into the small bowl with a floured tea towel inside it and let rise again
Bake on pizza stone in the oven

If you have a genuine reason why you are using a breadmaker then by all means ignore my suggestion here, otherwise I would encourage you to forget breadmakers and do it all yourself. It is extremely easy, takes only minutes in terms of handling time and is far far more satisfying. The end product will be far superior too. GL

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The paddle on my bread machine broke so I went on line to ebay.  Someone happened to be selling parts for the same model as mine so I got the whole pan and paddle for $20.  It was in almost new condition and has been working beautifully for 2 years now.  I only use mine to knead and rise the dough so I don't know about sticking problems.  So until you find a solution you could shape and bake the bread yourself.