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Went to buy BBA at Chapters $52!!!!

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Went to buy BBA at Chapters $52!!!!

I went into Chapters to purchase the Bread Baker`s Aprentice and with tax it was going to come to $52!!!!  I didn`t buy it because I know I can buy it online for much less.  I don`t understand how a store can sell it for so much when their online store sells for less.

Anyway, I`d like to purchase it through TFL so Floyd can get the benefit but it seems to be for the US only.  (I`m in Canada)  Is this right.  Is there not a a Canadian link through TFL.


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The last time I went into a Chapters store the book I wanted was over $3 more than online @ Chapters for a ~$20 book, I only wanted that book so I paid it. In the past I have either added another to my order to get free shipping ($39), or shopped at another online store. It would be nice to shop at home, but when the chain itself encourages one to shop elsewhere what's a person to do?


I'm really gaining a big appreciation for our local library, I was able to test drive the Peter Reinhart Whole Grain Bread book, and am currently waiting for them to get the Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day, I will likely want to own both but at least I can know I want the book before I pay :)



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I too use the library to preview books I might want to add to my collection. 

Recently found a new copy of new revised Brother Juniper's at Amazon for excellent price.  Also, don't ignore used books.  Often one can find a good used copy on line for great price. 

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I haven't found an easy way to get commission on sales in Canada or elsewhere in the world. Well, unless you wanted to order from the US version of Amazon and ship it to the UK, but that isn't cost effective. Thanks for trying to support TFL though!

$52 is crazy expensive.