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Soft Multrigrain Loaf

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Soft Multrigrain Loaf

Hi, I have been making bread in bread machines for a number of years, mostly producing a loaf that is 1/3 granary flour and 2/3's white flour baked on the white bread setting.  The bread does not last long as the kids like it.  I don't like plain white bread made in the maker (often bland) or wholemeal that I find to heavy.

If anyone can help, I'm looking for a granary / multi-grain recipe containing a few seed types that produces a light texture loaf ?

Any thoughts appreciated

Many thanks.

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Postal Grunt

Try substituting milk for some of the water in your dough if that fits within your diet.

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Try the search box for "fluffy whole wheat"-I think that was one of the titles. Adding seeds will make it inherently a bit heavier and chewier. Did you want to increase the whole grain content and still have a fluffy loaf?

This person makes a lovely looking 100% WW loaf.