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Hello from a new English Baker

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Yeasty Loaf

Hello from a new English Baker

Hi All,

Just thought I’d introduce myself. I’m from England and new to the art of Baking Bread. I have been baking bread for about 6 weeks and have had lots of successes as well as lots of failures.

My greatest achievement has been a Wheatsheaf Loaf. I was so proud that I’ve varnished it!

I like baking using traditional methods and love making loaves that are rarely seen in British bakeries like a good cottage loaf. i have a few bread books namely Paul Hollywoods and Bread which was once published as the Encyclopaedia of Bread. They are great but can't wait until my order for the Bread Baker's Apprentice comes in.

I'm also really excited about having ago at my first starter!.

hopefully i will be able to knock off work early today and get some baking in!

On a serious note; the biggest problem I’m having at the moment is slashing my loaves. When I slash them, the knife catches on the dough and wrinkles it. Any top tips?

Look forwarded to updating you on my progress and sharing ideas etc. Great website by the way i've already had tonnes of top tips. thanks a million!


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Mini Oven

Welcome to the site! To answer your question on slashing: Real easy. I just found it myself. Go click: Forum and then click: Artisan baking and then click Perfect Slashing
Got it? F. A. P.

Bye now :) Mini Oven

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Yeasty Loaf

Thanx a million. I will definitely give some of the suggestions ago and as they all said practice, practice practice.

Thanks again for your help much appreciated. i'll let you know how i get on. Hopefully i will be able to get my Split Tin's looking fantastic.

see ya later

Yeasty Loaf