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Suggestions for "Green" Bagels

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Suggestions for "Green" Bagels

So, it's almost St. Patty's Day and I want to make some festive Green Bagels,  In a test batch, I made some green dough and it looked great (kind of like green play dough).  I boiled and baked them like usual.  The problem is that a bagel is usually baked until golden, but golden and green = putrid mossy green that looks very unappetizing.  Any suggestions on how I can fully bake the bagel, yet keep the bright green like the dough?  Any help will be appreciated.

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I kinda like the way the brown and green play around there, it's actually quite a natural color combo when you think about it. Anyway, I've never tried doing this with bagels, but maybe you could goose the green of the exterior by adding coloring to an egg wash. Also, of course, don't boil your bagels with baking soda or any kind of sugars in the water that would enhance browning. Then when you bake, lower the temperature after the bagels have sprung to maybe 300°F and just keep them in the oven until they test done.

Good luck, have a happy St Paddy's.

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Trying to think what green topping you could put on the bagels to hide the browning.  Dip in pumpkin seeds maybe?  More of an organic green than a St. Paddy's green, but better than brown....