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Crust cracks off.

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Crust cracks off.

My regular loaves are based on the Hairy Bikers Pan Rustica. I use a 250g yeasted starter which I leave for 24 hours before adding to 200g wholemeal and 450g very strong white flour. two tblsp of olive oil and then salt are added. this all makes two good, reliable and tasty loaves. I bake two every week. However I find that they look lovely as they come out of the oven, but as they cool the crust cracks and has a tendency to flake off. What am I doing wrong? I dont use any water spray or steam bath when I bake, in a non fan oven. Could this be anything to do with it?

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Mini Oven

as it comes out of the oven?      

Could be the result if "very strong white flour"  Gluten shrinkage like elastic bands when cooling.  Could try blending with a lower gluten flour or putting the strong bread flour into the first half of the recipe saving weaker (lower gluten) flour for the main dough.