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Malicious Ad on TFL??

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Malicious Ad on TFL??

Heads up for all . I have an ad appearing that says I have a message and unthinkingly clicked on it.For that microsecond before my brain engaged, I thought it was a PM in my account on TFL. It instructed me to download something and by then I snapped to attention and quickly left the site. Hopefully nothing happened (I HAVE to stop clicking so quickly!) but this ad has appeared again a few times.

Floyd? Is it legit?

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Probably not, but I haven't seen it yet.  Anyone else seeing it?  If so, could you get a screen snap of it and share it?

@Clazer123 Are you on Windows?  I know there are many trojan-y things that can get downloaded that'll replace real ads with fake ads.  Maybe if you downloaded some shareware one of those got installed?  Just guessing, I'm not certain.

If other folks are seeing it and we can figure out where it is coming from, I'll be happy to block it.

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I had to look up how to do the screen capture again. I run windows 7 and I will check my system.

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I saw it too and thought it "not right" for this site the last time I logged on.  I use Chrome for this site and it has not come up while I've been logged on to this session.


Glad you spoke up clazar123!