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Hello From West Sussex

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Hello From West Sussex

Hi all,

after taking so long signing up, I've finally got round to it. I'm really looking forward to establishing great online baking relationships with other bakers. Currently, I own a coffee shop/bakery and have been running since March. From the onset, we sold artisan bread made by another local artisan baker who did not have a shop front but supplied many farm shops and food establishments. We also supplemented our range of bread with the loaves made by another artisan baker and to be honest, we were really happy with them. In the last month, we have seen both bakers cease trading- one out of choice and another because the maths just simply didn't work for them. We now are getting our bread supply from a much bigger but still independent Bread supplier. 

So here is here we've done a stupid. In time you guys will realise that I tend to jump in feet first and figure out how to swim later. We've bought a bread oven and I'm now looking after one of the previous baker's two year old sourdough starter (no one told me it's gonna be like looking after a Tamagotchi). It's meant that we've had to have fuse boxes changed, a three phase installed etc. 

I'm not planning on going into production tomorrow or next month. I appreciate that I need to do a lot of planning work. Also, there is the huge reshuffle needed because we now will need someone else to come in and do some of the baking (currently, most of  the cakes in the coffee shop is baked by me and we've been really busy and have been overwhelmed by just how quickly things have taken off). 

So, here's me saying hello, and hoping to eventually be able to contribute to the discussion. Until then, please humour me if I ask stupid questions. 

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I'm located not far from you in Surrey. What you have said is of interest to me and I will be in touch soon...


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Hi there Fvs

 Welcome i used to live nearby,Liss in Hampshire almost on the border with West Sussex, now a little too far away for any practical help, Perth Western Australia, but will look forward to following to you sharing your adventure with us.

kind regards Derek

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Welcome aboard. Love your shops website, beautifully eclectic and very appealing. I'm down Devon way and do the sourdough thing as a hobby, like many people here. I agree with the tamagotchi viewpoint although I'm never quite sure whether killing your tamagotchi in a hot oven is a joyous occasion or ever so slightly tinged with sadness. Makes great bread though. It's what they would have wanted.

Wish you all the best with the in-house baking endeavour and your sourdough journey.


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Thank you for the lovely replies :) I'll be sure to keep you updated. Somewhere on this machine I have a photo of the triple deck oven that will be arriving soon. Thankfully both the bakers who used to supply our shop have offered to come over to show me the ropes a little and help with setting up. We are not looking to supply other places or sell wholesale, I'm just interested in having good artisan bread for sale in our premises. I think it might be a good unique selling point for us as there is nowhere in town that bake on premises. Basically, at the moment, we are simply looking at 20 loaves a day and 60 on a Saturday. 

I've also with chatting to local small scale home bakers and local comunity groups about the idea of community supported bakery and also making arrangements for home micro  bakers, who want to up their production a bit but not have to pay out for the costs of renting a commercial kitchen, so that they can come in and use the oven, after all it is more than what we currently need as far as size and it would be nice to encourage local small scale businesses. Long gone are the days that we can throw stupid amounts of money to starting up businesses and I'm interested in looking for more sustainable and community beneficial ways of running a business. 


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The he big mixer isn't mine. This was taken at the oven's old place.