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Has anyone had a chance to use Unisource's Baby Rembrandt oven?

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Has anyone had a chance to use Unisource's Baby Rembrandt oven?

I found other posts about this oven but there is no review to use Unisource's Baby Rembrandt oven.

I am about to open a bakery and I want to hear opinions about this oven from the users.

Merry Christmas!!!!

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David Esq.

Just wanted to wish you well! I always wondered what kind of money one can make owning a bakery and whether bread or cakes were the more profitable business. Bread seems like a lot more work and the price of a loaf is much less than the price of a cake so unless there are huge volumes in bread I guess I know the answer. 

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Hello. I saw your comment and was wondering if you ended up getting the baby Rembrandt or if you learned anything more about it. I am also looking into getting one for my small bread bakery, but have not been able to find any reviews or information aside from the company and their distributors. Let me know!

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Big Bob

I recently inquired about the Baby Rembrandt to a friend.  Here is what he said:

I am using a  four deck oven, unisource baby rembrandt 8 pan capacity.  The oven is not without challenges, I would suggest that you join the bread bakers guild if you have not, and do some searches as for smaller deck ovens. I would say that this oven, which is wider than it is deep causes a lot of heat loss through the front of the oven.  I also added insulation under the bottom deck, because it was 100 degrees hotter than the other decks.A lot of tweaking with this oven. My next oven will be deeper, and probably used(no time soon though).
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Hi Bob,

Im also thinking about buying the Baby Rembrandt. We mainly do baguettes and was wondering which types of breads are you baking in your oven right now. Would you recommend this oven?


thank you!



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I have an 18-month old 4 pan/deck Baby Rembrandt--bakes 20 loaves at a time. It is now for sale as I just closed my restaurant-bakery. Oven pros: When preheated it bakes crusty breads well, great pizzas, good for all baked goods if not too tall and if baked on a rack on top of the deck; doesn't take a lot of room. Oven cons: Can take a long time to get to 450 degrees F, especially in cold weather (up to two hours--less in summer), you cannot set it to turn on automatically. It is also bigger than advertised on the Unisource site (35" wide, not 25") and although you can fit sheet pans in it, the oven doors won't close all the way if there is a rim on the end. I had the end rims cut off my standard sheet pans. The manual is written in pidgin English (translated from Turkish).

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Big Bob

Carolina, Please see the comment by mcq1342 re his Baby Rembrandt (for sale).  Right now I bake mostly 18 ounce Boules of various sourdough types.  I bake on silicon mats in a 3 pan electric convection oven.  I did farmers markets last summer and will begin them again in another week (4 markets).  In March I passed my State Health Dept inspection and began a wholesale bread business as well.  I myself need to get a larger oven and am often on the web researching what is available and what it costs.  I'd like to get an oven with 8 pan capacity and steam capability.