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Need advice for bakery deck oven!

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Need advice for bakery deck oven!

I will be opening an artisan bread bakery soon in South Florida. I am contemplating the purchse of an electric ABS deck oven. It's affordable. I've visited many bakeries around the country which feature much larger European ovens. Since I've never operated this oven and really can't find any reviews on-line, it's of great concern. I am buying it because the price fits in my start up budget. However, I have just come accross a larger, used Miwe deck oven here in my area. I am still finding out model / age, etc... but wanted to know what folks felt about this brand and how difficult it would be to maintain and fix. The equipment warehouse is reputable and will refurbish it with new stones, etc. Any advice on ovens in general would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!!

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I have been looking at ovens and dreaming of opening a small artisan bakery out in the country. I had not heard of this brand. I keep dreaming of these ovens from France. I never liked the thought of manufacurer support from different countries and the high cost of the ovens. I like that this company is in the USA and has a target consumer of small bakerys. If you get one keep us posted on the results. I may just have to buy one in a few years to play with.

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I have worked in a bakery that had Miwe ovens. They performed well. No problems at all. I would suggest that, if you plan to be making hard crusty breads...baguettes, pain au levain, etc., you make sure that a loader is available for the oven you purchase. You don't want to bake these breads on sheet pans or have to load them with a peel. We used hand loaders (canvas on metal frame) with Miwe ovens and had no problem.

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I've heard good things about Miwe's deck ovens. I've worked with their rotating rack ovens and those were very solid. A loader is a nice thing to have, for baguettes in particular; it is not necessary however- some of the nicest bread ovens in the world are loaded solely with a peel. 

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I just took delivery and install with e new ABS 3 pan 4 deck. What to you want to know?

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Do you like it a year later?   How much does it cost to run?    Thanks.  -Varda