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Shaping a Sandwich Loaf

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Shaping a Sandwich Loaf

I have almost made a great sour dough using white wheat berries etc etc... I was so happy with the bread, but today my daughter came home with a cheap loaf of white bread from the grocery store. Her complaint is the bread I make is not the right shape and tastes too strong.  :(  

So I have been trying to figure out how to make a plain old white loaf with a good shape. I figure I can use the white bread flour from the store, but I haven't figured out how to make a good shape.  I have a couple bread pans but they make a small loaf. So what is the trick for shape? Maybe I need to find a bigger bread pan?

Also I have a large oven and have a stone on the entire bottom rack. My bread comes out great using he stone, not sure how of if I would use the stone when trying to make plain old sandwich bread?

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There might be another way, but i know these things make perfectly shaped loafs.

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THIS post by txfarmer is excellent on shaping. Her directions are easy to follow and I have always had excellent results following her lead.

You might also check out bread shaping techniques in the video section above. I believe there are some included or links to youtube which has tons of videos on the subject.  Look for entries by King Arthur Flour videos or Cirl Hitz.

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Homemade bread will go stale pretty fast, so small loaves are better. Rather than trying to match your daughter's expectations, give her time to learn what good bread tastes like.

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Thank you everyone for the comments. They will help a lot!  Thanks again...