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kaiser roll

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kaiser roll

I am a first time blogger so I'm not sure where this message will go. I moved to the west after living in the east most of my life. The thing I most miss are kaiser rolls. I tryed floydm's recipe from this site and got a good looking roll, however, the interior is styrofoam like. I didn't have malt powder available when making the recipe-could this have been the problem? How is the chewy, moist, springy interior to the roll acheived? Like the bagels here in the west there seems to be difficulty getting the strechy, moist, springy interior that makes the roll wonderful.




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Mini Oven

Got a picture?  I make mine without malt, so I don't think that could be the problem.  It is a hard roll and more like round french sticks.  Steam?

Mini O

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Mini, Thanks so much for your response. The recipe called for steam but being a first tilmer I may have been a little lite handed. MORE STEAM AHEAD!!! :-)

I'll let you know how I make out.

Best to you, K

 P.S. I haven't figured how to post a picture yet, wish me luck.


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Hi, I use non diastatic malt when I make kaiser rolls, it gives off a better flavor than sugar. Also I use dried egg yokes, the rolls hold up better on proof and gives off a better oven spring. But good development and steam in the oven for the first 5 min or so is a must. Just my 2 cents. Sparks

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check out this thread and mt post

As a retired pro baker i will try to shed some light on this

first malt is a yeast food and can be replased with an ounce for ounce with sugar. 

here is a small mix for these rolls cut down from the 70 lbs of flour that i used in the bakery. note all ing are in weight

sugar 1 oz

oil 3/4 oz

eggs 3\4 oz

salt 1/4 oz

water 8 0z

cake yeast 1 oz

hi gluten flour 1 lb

this is the only Sir Lancelot Hi-Gluten Flour you can buy in small quanity (personaly i buy All trumps by the 50 pound bag for my home since i uste to but the 100 pound bags for my bakery about 3 or 4 a week)

crumble yeast in flour and set aside __if using powered yeast disolv in water but cake yeast is best

with cake yeast put all in mixer with water add the flour and yeast mix on top of the water and mix in a kitch aid type mixer with hook and mix for at least 12 minutes till smooth

if powdered yeasy then put all in bowl and add the water yeast mix on top of the flower so the yeast does not come in direct contact with salt. 

bake with steem in oven by spraing oven with water and placing a dry pan on the bottom ov oven wnet you put the rolls in the oven add water to the dry pan to get a large burst of steem in the oven and close the door fast.

then spray the rolls 5 minutes and then 5 mintes after that and 5 minutes later remove the pan of water.

shapping them is involved but simply put your thumb on a round piece of dough and then fold the dough over your thumb 4 times creaseing the dough hard each time without moving your thumb take the last section and give in a twist and place it in the space that your thumb was in and press it in hard to prevent it from opening during the baking.

WHEN MAKING UP THE ROLLS USE LIGHT RYE FLOUR FOR DUSTING YOUR WORK BENCH the rye floue will help keep the folds apart and will result in a better bloom and a better looking roll with 5 nice looking sections

the same dough is uset for salt sticks and onion rolls  for onion rolls just round and flatten in a mix of dry miniced onion soked in warm water and drained then add a little oil and seeds.  for a real bakery taste use the dry onion as i have said (since that is what the bakeries use.  Not Fresh chopped.

salt sticks flaten a piece of dough strech one end wider then the other and roll up as a cresent roll and top with carraway seeds and salt

only spray the oven once for the salts and onion cause the heavy steam will melt the salt and prevent the onion topping from drying which will keep the roll from getting any kind of good color


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I am a new poster and I need help!  I lucked into a bag of All Trumps flour and absolutely fell in love with the bread it produced (especially the sourdough).  My problem is I cannot find any supplier in Eastern Washingon.  Does anyone have a resource they are willing to share?  Thanks in advance.  kgbtinker