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Mini Boules

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Mini Boules

What I'm looking for is some small loaves that would be the perfect size for two people at a single meal. This is my first attempt. I also want to develop a scoring method that results in a loaf that looks like a flower (the one on the right). These are straight out of the oven and on their way to the cooling rack.

It's a Honey Whole Wheat bread with unsalted seeds and nuts (sesame, pumpkin and sunflower seeds; almonds, cashews and walnuts). I'm anxious to cut one of them open and see what it looks like. The smell is awesome, so I'm sure the flavor will be good.


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I made this in a loaf pan yesterday. Turned out great. My dough was supper sticky. I have never used a recipe that called for all whole wheat flour. So is the dough real wet and sticky. I got great raise with it and it sure came out moist and fluffy. I am guessing that it was good as I had to go to the store while it was cooling, and when I got home it was gone (I did not get any). I also made my own butter for it, and it was also gone.

Going to do the boules next.

Thanks for the idea.

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Those look real nice.  Did you use a scissor to cut the flower shape?

How did your crumb look?