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Please help me identofy problem with my croissant dough

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Please help me identofy problem with my croissant dough

Butter chunks sticking out from the side and when I bake them the butter leak out on to the baking pan, this happen everytime I tired to make croissant, what am I doing wrong?

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It's called shattering and happens during lamination. this happens because dough and butter aren't same consistency, chilled too long between turns, not rolling dough properly. maybe more reasons too. This causes the leakage, tough and not flaky finish. I suggest using search above or google croissant shattering for detailed help. 


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Look up txfarmer's blogs on croissant.  HERE is one of her many blogs and her instructions are very detailed which really helps to understand the whole process.


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I think the dough might contain a bit too much liquid. From the photo, the dough looks like it was probably soft?

Yesterday I made croissants and realize they come out best whenever not too much liquid is used in the dough. 
Next time, add just enough liquid until your dough is firm. The dough should be firm like chilled butter and shouldn't be sticky. Also this way, you don't have to use flour so much during the rolling. I find that a sprinkling of flour during rolling makes it less tough. As for butter leaking out, the croissants might need proofing time of about 2 to 3 hours. Or perhaps you can reduce the amount of butter. Play around with the flour to butter ratio to see what amounts are the best.