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Grapeskin flour experiments partII

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Grapeskin flour experiments partII

I've been feeding my levain with 2% grapeskin flour for the past two weeks.  It has built up a nice flavor and I have started baking with it.  This is with 18 percent of my flour prefermented, 72 hydration, 1.5 additional grapeskin flour.  Mixed by hand, 2 1/2 hours of bulk fermentation with a series of folds.  Bulk ferm in the fridge for 8 hours, pulled it out, let it come back to temp a bit, preshape, rest, shape, proofed for an hour and ten minutes and baked.  Still thinking about pulling back on the additional grapeskin flour as I'd like more subtlety in the color.  The rye-ish flavor that I previously described in my first experiment isn't as prevalent and the flavor of the levain comes through nicely.  It certainly could have gone another 3-4 hours in the fridge and had less time coming back to temp which may have given it a nicer flavor but I had some time constraints and wanted to have it done slightly earlier than it would have taken me going that route...

About to make some turkey and apple tartines using the boule.  

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Fantastic Crumb.  All that color just from the grapreskin flour.  Very very nice


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Nice looking bread.