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Scissor Cuts

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Scissor Cuts

Did a fun boule with scissor cuts instead of traditional scores...Mix of white flour and durum, poolish as preferment, hydration around 70.  Hand mix, slow fermentation...slower than anticipated, didn't get to bake until 1 in the morning :)  oh well!  Good bread takes time.

dabrownman's picture

good eating as It is.  It looks just like a poppy seed pod!  Beautiful baking!

The Whole Grain's picture
The Whole Grain

I love it!

Darwin's picture

If I understand what I am looking at, that is some serious oven spring!  Great looking loaf.  ;)

FueledByCoffee's picture

You understand right. The loaf was probably about an inch and half to two inches going in 4-5 coming out.  Nice open interior is created by nice spring in the oven :)