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Tangzhong Bread - Loved your recipe!

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Tangzhong Bread - Loved your recipe!

I've been taking bread making classes at our local Community college.

Since I LOVE Japanese style bread, I googled it and found your I decided to try your Tangzhong bread recipe.

Followed your recipe carefully and was very happy with the results...I ended up making 6 small loves with 2 "buns" in each one....the bread is soft and texture so husband and I ate 1 loaf as soon as it got out of the oven.

When I returned to my baking class this past week, I mentioned the tangzhong "method"...they had never heard of it...

The only thing I worry about is burning out my mixer...The first time I made it, I used the wisk and then switched to the dough hook.  This time I left the wisk on but ran it at a slower speed.

What attachment do you recommend?  Wisk or dough hook?

Thank you for this wonderful site!



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I think Floyd's was the most recently posted but Txfarmer's is pretty famous. Both turn out great. Your loaf turned out lovely,whichever recipe you used.

I use a Kitchenaid K5A and usually just use the dough hook. Theere is a huge difference if you don'tget the dough to windowpane.

Spread the word-great technique for  a "cloudy"  soft bread.

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When I got to the part that said "mix the heck out of it," that's when I let my 30 year old KA mixer go...until I realized it was getting hot...I slowed it down and put on the dough hook instead of the wisk...

The dough rose so quickly and it was huge and so fluffy...then I followed another site that showed how they fold the dough and then fold it I just put 2 "rolls" in each mini this bread!

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I use the dough hook and would guess around medium, but a different mixer may require a different touch.  What you ended up with looks great, so I'd stick with what you did if that is something your mixer can handle.

My milk bread recipe is here, which contains links to a bunch of previous posts on it, including TXFarmer's.

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I may have to try this.  My family would love it.  We live in Honolulu.  Where are you taking classes?

Warm Regards,