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"Semitas" Sweet bread with Anice seeds from Guatemala.

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"Semitas" Sweet bread with Anice seeds from Guatemala.

Really appreciate your kind words welcoming me. Thanks.
Today I made some "Semitas"  a real good and very old Guatemalan sweet bread with the flavor of Anise seeds. When I was a boy, many moons ago---many, I use to walk to a bakery which was only a block from my home and would buy a "Semita Volcano" for US$ 0.04 cents a piece!!!!! it was delicious with cold milk and even with a hot cup. You soaked it in the milk and away it went leaving a big smile in your face!!!....I am hoping on finishing a set of recipes which I have gathered and put them on an E-book called " Breads  from the Center of America", when I have it I'll give a link for all to download
I will take some pics tomorrow of the "Semitas" and will place the recipe here in a few days.

Have a nice week.


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I'm excited to read about these central cultural confections