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Dough Rounder

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Dough Rounder

Greetings All, I recently purchased a BakeMax BMDBR01 Dough Rounder (also known as a GRANOMAQ BDM 300), and am having difficulty getting the machine to produce decent dough balls for hamburger buns. If anyone has one of these machines, I would appreciate some advice on it so that I can figure out where I am going wrong. I have tried varying moisture content of the dough, greasing the plate etc but no luck so far. Possibly I am expecting too perfect a dough ball??


Port Baker

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Faith in Virginia

I don't own one does not look like you have many options for adjustments such as speed of the machine or length of time to round the dough.

Looking at that machine I would suggest adjusting your dough ball weight.  That machine works off true volume of the dough and friction.  

I don't know what increments the head plates come in but the first thing I would try is to increase and decrease the dough input by small increments until you find a weight that the machine likes to ball.

To much or to little dough in the trough will have negative effect.

But just guessing here