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86% Cashew Spelt Squares

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86% Cashew Spelt Squares

Spelt Squares
total flour: 924 (86% spelt, 14% white) with an extra build this can be 100% spelt if desired
total h20: 715 (77% hydration)

Levain: 6-8 hours
60 White Starter (100%)
100 Bread Flour
38 Spelt
138 H20
336 (168 prefermented flour

756 g Spelt
547 g h20 (hold back 100 g)
20 g Salt

135 g       toasted cashews
Total dough = 1794
Divide a @ 445 (this was what I did but too small I think I'd divide to 3 parts @ just shy of 600 next time.) 

1) Mix all but salt and nuts squeezing through fingers to get a nice even dough.
Rest 15 minutes
Add 100 g water and squeeze through until its a smooth soft dough. Add nuts and lightly knead/fold in.
Rest 15 minutes
Slap and fold until resilient rest 5 minutes repeat 2 times (time elapsed 35 minutes)
Rest 30 minutes
Stretch and fold (once from each direction
Rest 30 minutes
Stretch and fold
Rest 30 minutes

Preshape to a rough square by stretching into a rectangle and then give a letter fold.
relax 15 minutes
Now carefully stretch to a rectangle and give a 3 fold and lightly shape to a square. Pinch together seams. Place smooth side down on spelt floured couche and proof 45-60 minutes
turn out to floured peel and dock/score/or leave plain
Bake 500 with steam for 7 minutes and vented for 15-20 more

*  These have a seriously crunchy crust.  I think the loaf would be greatly improved with a bit more size.  

Also I think the presheape should be a tight ball.  Then relax. then stretch and give fold.  This should give some more tension and a better spring in the oven.  All in all its salty and crunchy.  Delish with butter and i bet cheese or even jam.  

I toasted the cashews but maybe not quite enough.  Next time I'll be sure to roast a bit deeper and I think they will permeate the dough with there lovely flavor a bit more.  

I made the levain not exactly sure of my plan besides some spelt.  Had I known I'd add all spelt I think I'd have made the levain with all spelt and maybe done two builds to make this 100% spelt.  

 sorry bad photos 


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Those look great.  Beautiful crust and nice open crumb.  I like th square shaping technique.

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cashew breads on TFL.  Glad you did one..  Hard to get open holes like that with that much whole spelt.  it wants to lay flat too and higher hydration and you would need a square baking pan.  Nice baking Josh

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Dab I don't think I follow. These are free form not panned. Maybe I'm just confused by your wording. 


Anyway it was ok. Certainly can use improving. Maybe some honey or fat to soften a bit.  needs to be larger for sure con fact decreasing spelt and working in some whole wheat or even bread flour would improve overall texture. Was good fresh with butter but what bread isn't.