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High Gluten flour in Chicago?

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High Gluten flour in Chicago?


Anyone know where high gluten flour is available in Chicago? I used to see it (KA Lancelot) at Whole Foods, but that was awhile back. I know the sources where I can order it from but for those last minute inspirational urges it would be nice to just get it at the store.

I appreciate any respose.

Nevertheless, Bake on...



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You can add extra wheat gluten to your bread flour. Gluten is available in grocery stores in the baking isle. You add 1TBS  to 2 Lb mix.

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this is a work-around, but high-gluten flour is actually made from a different species of wheat, so results will be different than using bread flour + additional gluten.

I used to buy high gluten flour from whole foods in Chicago as well, but I think they discontinued it due to lack of interest/sales.  I put in a request for them to order some, but we'll have to see.