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Square oven mitt supplier?

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Square oven mitt supplier?

I worked in bakeries for many years and they use a square oven cotton terry mitt with a slit in one end that your hand goes through.  There are much better than mitt/gloves.  Does anyone know a supplier for these?  All I can find, after a long search on Google, was the mitt type that are like gloves.

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You can probably find these of various versions/qualities at practically any establishment that sells cooking supplies/equipment.

BBBY, Target, Sur la Table, Amazon, Walmart, Crate&Barrel, restaurant supply stores, etc.

Just search or ask for the pot holders, oven mitts, pot mitts, etc.

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Thanks for the suggestion but the pads I am speaking of are not sold at a walmart or target etc.  they are not the pads you see at every store in town.  

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Last time I looked (a couple years ago now), had over 1000 different kinds of oven mitts. The hardest part wasn't finding something in particular, but rather looking through all that stuff to find the ones I was most interested in. (In the end I purchased ones with extra-long arms and with Kevlar inside  ...wonderful.)

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Talk to a welder and get him to order some gloves for you. Perfect.

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Mini Oven
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Hello Padeiro,

I produce square cotton gloves size 19 cms x 25 cms and 19 x 38 cms. If you still have any requirement kindly let me know. I will send free samples. Its cheaper than regular oven mitts found in tesco, walmart etc.

Satish Singh

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